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Remote Location Commercial Hatchery Autoclave

From certified drawings produced by the late Harding Rose of Offshore Platform Engineering P/L during the early 1900’s, Pearl Oyster Propagators in conjunction with Control & Thermal Engineering P/L (CTE) from Perth, Western Australia, have been manufacturing a remote–area, three phase autoclave for the Australian and S.E. Asian markets over the last eight years.

The steriliser manufactured to Australian health and safety standards by CTE operates with electricity produced from either diesel generators or main power grids. The units are easy to operate and ideal for aquaculture facilities involved in research or commercial production in remote locations or where three-phase power supplies to the facility are unreliable. The units are simple, marine–grade, stainless steel, pressurized machines that use three heating elements or a total of 13 kilowatts. The units are simple to maintain and spare parts are readily available from CTE.

The units have a single door and an internal holding capacity for six 20L carboys or eight 18L carboys fitted with glass-tube lids (equivalent to sterilizing a total of 120L and 144L of seawater, respectively). Auto–venting, electronic or manual timer and temperature control instruments are robust and reliable.

All units:

  • are built to specifications as certified on drawings;
  • are built to Australian Standards;
  • have MDR documentation;
  • have operating instructions;
  • and are packed in crates suitable for shipment.

For further information please contact:



Control & Thermal Engineering Pty Ltd.
ABN 38 009 194 683 Elec Lic EC 003401
PO Box 72 Welshpool DC Welshpool WA 6986
Tel  (618) 9353 2733
Fax (618) 9353 1600
Web http://www.cte.com.au
Contact Officer: Scott Doig
Email scott@cte.com.au

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